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Playing well with others...​

In addition to performing in the many large ensembles at MSU like the Marching Band, Symphony Band, Concert Band and the Jazz Ensembles, members of the saxophone studio also perform a lot of chamber music through the school year. 


MoreSax is the chance for our entire studio, and some non-major saxophone enthusiasts, to get together for lots of music and fun. These students can often be found practicing together but are just as likely seen sharing a meal in the dining hall, working on homework together, playing ultimate frisbee, or hiking up to Lockegee Rock. As an ensemble, MoreSax plays original works, orchestral transcriptions, and student arrangements of all kinds of music - and sometimes they get to use the Bass and Sopranino saxophones! 

The Lockegee Quartet


Named for Lockegee (Lah-KEE-gee) Rock, the highest point in Rowan County (and a favorite hiking destination for Morehead saxophone students), the award-winning Lockegee Quartet is the flagship chamber group of the saxophone studio. This group offers programs of exciting, advanced music on campus and off-campus at numerous competitions and conferences each year. Past performances have included music by such composers as David Maslanka, Maurice Ravel, Franco Donatoni, Gyorgi Ligeti, and others. 

Combos and small ensemble jazz


Jazz saxophone majors and some classical saxophone majors participate in small jazz ensembles with members of other studios on campus. They play a mix of jazz standards and originals on campus and off campus to help prepare them for a career playing functions or touring.

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